Inspired, provoked, enthused, enlightened, in between saddened and angered, mostly uplifted and exhilarated - eventually thoroughly exhausted: the Edinburgh World Writers’ Conference was a whirlwind of choice, a magic flying carpet taking me in a million directions at once, suggesting myriad paths of thought that couldn’t all be followed in the moment, but which are all lying in wait as rich undiscovered territory, for me, the other participants and all others to venture into from our more quiet solitary writing dens.  I cannot thank enough Nick Barley, Lisa Craig and her team, the British Council, for putting this rare opportunity together for writers from all over the world to meet and discuss with one another. The sessions were wonderful in themselves; and as always at such events; the in betweeen off-sessions were the moments friendships were made and the issues more fully dug into. Look very much forward to seeing what the other conferences around the world will bring forth.

 Janne Teller chaired  ‘The Future of the Novel’ debate on Tuesday 21st August.


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