National Literature

Favourite Themes: A National Literature


BIRCH & HYLAND – A National Literature


‘It was not only valuable, but historic’ – Junot Diaz on the Edinburgh World Writers’ Conference

Edinburgh World Writers' Conference 2012-13

Airborne: Anna Lea on her artwork commission for the EWWC


Shifting, questioning, fragmented: Suzanne Joinson on the ambiguities of a national literature


SAID, JOINSON, ENG & SA’AT – A National Literature

Edinburgh World Writers' Conference 2012-13

Literary Orderlies & Specialists of the Unknown: A Dispatch from EWWC St Malo

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ČOLIC – A National Literature


Trinidad and Tobago Newsday reports on EWWC Trinidad ‘A National Literature’ with Marlon James


Blogger Shivanee Ramlochan reports on the “troublesome notion of A National Literature” from EWWC Trinidad

Edinburgh World Writers' Conference 2012-13

Why investigate the question of a national literature? Hannah Lowe blogs from EWWC Trinidad


MARLON JAMES – A National Literature

National Literature

Literary Prizes Not the Kingmakers they Once Were – Irvine Welsh

Edinburgh World Writers' Conference 2012-13

Stella Duffy on EWWC Brussels

The authors at EWWC Brussels

“The very notion of nationhood is hard to pin down” – Claire Montgomery reports on EWWC Brussels

Panos Karnezis and Sema Kaygusuz

“Opening windows in walls we didn’t even realise were standing before us” – Impressions from the EWWC: Izmir, by rapporteur Esen Demirkent


KASSABOVA & LAMRABET – A National Literature


“A living nation of writers, readers and kindred spirits” – Kapka Kassabova on the EWWC