5000-strong crowd at Jaipur Literature Festival for EWWC panel discussion on Free Expression

Frances Sutton on the Censorship debate at EWWC Jaipur

Aonghas MacNeacail

Aonghas MacNeacail: I am not an adjective. The poet on cultural identity and travelling to Cairo for EWWC

Edinburgh World Writers' Conference 2012-13

Liam Card: Thoughts on the rise of self-publishing

Susie Nicklin publicity pic

Susie Nicklin: The possible Futures of the Novel in a globalised, digital world are worth celebrating

Edinburgh World Writers' Conference 2012-13

Alex Preston on EWWC Krasnoyarsk: “Mindblowing”

Breslin & Kobrin

BRESLIN & KOBRIN – A National Literature?

Fischer & Milchin

FISCHER & MILCHIN – The Future of the Novel

Burgess & Astvatsaturov

BURGESS & ASTVATSATUROV – Should Literature Be Political?


Melvin Burgess – a dissident heading to Siberia


CHAN KOONCHUNG – Censorship Today


Harkness, Mattich, Nesbø & Redekop – The Future of the Novel


Card, Kennedy, MacNeil, Thornell & Welsh – A National Literature?


MIEVILLE & TOEWS – The Future of the Novel & A National Literature?


Celona, Lee, Schofield & Shapton – Style vs Content

China Mieville

A Conversation with China Miéville


“The lapidary and the aleatory” – Anjali Joseph revisits EWWC Cape Town


“A nationality that carries a weight of assumption for the rest of the world” – Keith Gray on EWWC Cape Town

Edinburgh World Writers' Conference 2012-13

Margie Orford: Some thoughts in response to the EWWC in Cape Town